Fees & Donations

A wonderful team of dedicated volunteer drivers sustain this service and if it was not for their
ongoing support and devotion to volunteering this service would not be available.
We request a small donation for this service to cover our expenses.

Planned Activity Groups

The duration of each term is approximately 12 weeks.

Session costs are as per the HACC Fee schedule which is currently $7.50 The fee schedule is update yearly by the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Transport fee for each PAG session is $8 if the transport is provided by Bridges and $4.00 if it is provided by the Knox Council.

Invoices are sent out at the end of each term for the sessions attended in the previous term.

For those clients unable to pay for a term in full they may pay per session as they attend.


The cost of the outing will vary depending on the location. Bridges coordinators collect the entry and meal cost from clients on the day of the event.

Transport - recommended donation

Donation for Knox Consumers

  • Local Drives within the Knox area - $15
  • Drives to Outside of Knox but before the boundaries of Box Hill, Clayton or Lilydale - $20
  • Drives to the boundaries Box Hill, Clayton or Lilydale - $25
  • If sharing a local drive with another client to the same destination each client - $ 7.50
  • Community Shopping Bus - $8

Donation for SWYR Consumers

  • Local Drives within the hills area - $15
  • Community Shopping Bus - $8
  • Drives off the hill - $20
  • Drives to the boundaries Box Hill, Clayton or Lilydale - $30

Drive donations are paid to the bus driver on the day of the drive.

Pet Program

Annual Fee  $30.00


Planned Activity Groups

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