Individual Programs

Bridges Individual Programs can offer you a wide-ranging variety of services tailored to your needs.

“Four Paws” Pet Care Program

Four Paws offers you support if you are experiencing difficulty caring for your pet.  We understand that sometimes due to you experiencing illness, frailty or permanent disability, it is challenging for you to give your pet the attention it needs.  Our Four Paws program will match you and your pet with an animal loving volunteer who understands the importance of animal companionship.

Volunteers are carefully selected and matched to your pet and provide assistance with a variety of pet care needs, including dog walking, grooming and occasionally, vet visits.

Assisted Shopping

Bridges Assisted Shopping Program can help you if you are struggling to do your shopping on your own.  Our volunteers are patient and friendly and make essential shopping possible for you by picking you up from your own home, taking you to your local shops (which may include, the post office, bank and supermarket for example) and then taking you back home.


Phone-a-friend  gives you the chance to have regular contact with a familiar voice if you are feeling alone, lonely, or isolated. You can stay connected and be supported by receiving a free phone call on a regular basis from one of our friendly volunteers. Our Volunteers are great listeners who also have the ability to talk about a wide range of subjects.