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What are my rights in the My Aged Care System?

Elderly Australians who utilize aged care services have a right to be treated with respect and receive high-quality care and support. The My Aged Care system provides government-funded services, including home care packages and residential aged care.

According to the Better Health Channel, aged care providers are required to follow regulations that cover residents’ rights and responsibilities. If an individual has concerns about the care they are receiving, they can speak with their provider or call the Aged Care Complaints Scheme.

Assessment services are available to help older individuals and their carers determine the appropriate level of care necessary. These services are conducted by independent multidisciplinary teams, including health professionals such as nurses, social workers, and physiotherapists.

Victoria manages the delivery of Regional Assessment Services and Aged Care Assessment Services on behalf of the Commonwealth government. Assessments are free of charge and can be requested through their website. It is important for individuals to understand their rights and responsibilities in the My Aged Care system. By educating themselves and speaking up about their concerns, elderly Australians can receive the quality care they deserve.